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Our dough is crafted with intention from locally grown, stone-ground flour from Castle Valley Mill right here in Doylestown, PA. 

Meet Brendan Breslin, dough-master and Jackie Herman, jack(ie) of all trades.

Brendan's professional career began as a brewer in Philadelphia in 2016. His passion for all things fermentation quickly evolved beyond brewing beer; experimenting with kombucha, sourdough, hot sauces, and ultimately pizza dough.

Through the vessel of Pizza Brez - his first pop-up pizza shop - Brendan honed his craft, producing and serving up Detroit style pizzas at Philadelphia area brewery, Stickman Brews. He has continued to expand both his knowledge and development of all things pizza, but one factor that has remained the same is the commitment to utilize fresh, quality, local ingredients.


Jackie's background in Sales & Marketing (and her enthusiastic willingness to try any and all of Brendan's creations), makes her the perfect right-hand woman. Her experience in the food and beverage industries allows for a collaborative relationship that helps to bring Pizza Post to you.

When we're not making or eating pizza, you can find us tubing on the Delaware River, exploring breweries along the East Coast, camping & snowboarding in New England, and hiking with our pups. We are always happy to answer any questions or chat more, so reach out to with any inquiries. 


We value our local partnerships and are proud to utilize the following suppliers regularly for our pies!

Stone Ground Flour - Castle Valley Mill, Doylestown, PA
NJ Tomatoes - First Field,  Windsor, NJ
Fresh Mozzarella & Ricotta - Fulper Family Farm, Lambertville, NJ
Pepperoni - Battistoni Italian Meats, Buffalo, NY
Sausage - Rath's Deli, Stewartsville, NJ
Drumm Cheese - Bobolink Dairy, Milford, NJ
Calabrian Chili "Bomba" Paste - First Field, Windsor, NJ
Parmesan - September Farm - Honey Brook, PA

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